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Selling Karat Gold Jewellery at a Better Value

High Transparency
You are looking for a trustable, fair trading place to sell your worthy precious metal jewellery. At K-Gold Infinity, we appraise each item individually, determine its purity and measure the weight in front of you. Therefore, you know what you are selling and how much each item worth for your selling consideration.
Free Expert Evaluation
We are at the forefront of precious metal recycling industry and commit to offer the best service to you. We welcome you to bring your scrap jewellery to visit and do the selling price evaluation. Displaying buying receipts of your jewellery are not required and we welcome your gold and platinum jewellery from all countries and all shops.
No treatment or misc. charges
We strive to provide the best possible value for your precious metal jewellery and excellent service to you. For scrap jewellery without any stones in setting, we pay for you without deducting any assay fee, commission fee or other charges. We want you to come back and do the business with us again.
Fast, Hassle-Free Instant Cash
Precious metal recycling is our core business. For your bringing items, we quickly analyze process and pay you either in cash or cash cheque. After you get the cash, you can enjoy 100% flexibility on your spending. Unlike other jewellery retailers, we never attempt to do any selling activity and avoid an embarrassing situation that may happen.