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Selling Karat Gold Jewellery at a Better Value

Q: How to convert the legal weight measure units in Hong Kong such as tael, mace (qían), candareen (fēn) to the international weight units – gram (g) and troy ounce (troy oz)? Also, how many grams in a troy ounce of gold?

1 Tael  =  37.429 Grams
1 Mace  =  3.743 Grams
1 Candareen  =  0.037 Grams
1 Troy Ounce  =  31.103 Grams

Q: What is the price you will pay for my scrap gold?

A: Our offering price is based on gold content, weight and our shop daily purchasing price. The higher gold content of your item and weight, the more we pay. For most popular scrap gold items such as K24, K18 and K14, our offering price will post on our homepage during working day. Please use our Scrap Gold Value Calculator to do the calculation.

Q: Do you charge any assessment fee, commission or other miscellaneous fee?

A: Absolutely not. We strive to offer you a good value for your items. Unlike the other shops give you higher price quote at the beginning and deduct assessment fee, commission or other misc. fee from your final value, we display our purchasing price in our shop publicly and we will let you know the actual amount that you will get during quotation.

Q: In your shop, do you list gold buying price and gold selling price?

A: Since the main focus of our business is precious metal jewellery recycling, we buy unwanted gold or platinum jewellery from you. As we don’t sell any gold-related products such as gold coin, gold bar or gold jewellery, our shop displays scrap gold purchasing price daily.

Q: Do you accept gold coin or gold memorial coin?

A: Absolutely. However, for memorial coin, since we are unable to judge its historical value, we will pay according to its purity/content.

Q: Do you accept any jewellery with stone or jade setting? If I want to sell old jewellery mounting and take back stones for new jewellery making, how do you deal with it?

A: Yes, however, at this moment, we don’t give an offer to any stone. For any jewellery with stone setting, it is suggested to remove it before you come to our shop. You can enjoy our courtesy stone removal service after we judge that your stone setting is not complicated and your stone is not easy to crack.

Q: Besides gold jewellery and gold coin, do you accept any product made of gold?

A: You are very welcome to call our hotlines and let us know what you have. However, we will not accept any costume jewellery, gold plated, gold filled or electroplated item.

Q: After complete the transaction, how soon that I can get the payment?

A: Except corporate account customers, you can get the payment immediately.